Democratic & Human rights

A) Participation in Democratic Processes

  • Create and increase women’s opportunities to participate and serve their communities in public life.
  • Identify and engage in cultural and institutional processes to eliminate barriers prohibiting women to serve in political positions at the local, state and national levels in Puntland State of Somalia.
  • Advocate and lobby for affirmative action at all the three levels of governance including establishment of concrete gender sensitive legislation and/or comprehensive policies
  • Multi-party system; public awareness on civic and vote education will essential to the Puntland community. Here the media and open discussion forums will hold in most rural and urban towns.

B) Social Rights

  • Advocate and lobby against negative and harmful traditional practices such as FGM, early child marriages, gender-based violence
  • Address emerging needs of the community such as recurrent famine, IDPs, trade, etc
  • Establish an interactive facility (sports & recreational centre) where women and especially young women can have a safe space to learn, interact, grow and be empowered in all aspects through well-planned activities, lectures and workshops. Under this activity CEDSOR will focus on delivering the following areas that will add value and bring about change for the target population


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  • Two
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